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Zenon Crazy Fit ZN-CFM640


The ZENON Crazy Fit Massager builds bone density and fights osteoporosis.Increase your basal metabolic rate, helping to burn fat.


The ZENON Crazy Fit Massager is the best quality machine on the market. Even machines costing thousands more are not of the same Quality, Construction or Performance! The ZENON Crazy Fit Massager is ROCK Solid and Super Quiet, unlike others that feel like they are going to break, sway side to side and are VERY LOUD. Quality Vibration Therapy is here!


  • Activates entire body, relieve tiredness quickly
  • Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat
  • Soothes insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind
  • Stimulates alvine, enhances digestion
  • Increases blood flow to keep healthy
  • Activates joints, soothes arthritis ache
  • Increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) output by up to 361%
  • .
  • Burns Fat and tones and tightens skin.
  • Decreases the appearance of cellulite and boosts your body's natural collagen production.
  • Increase you muscle strength up to 50% in as little as three weeks!
  • Improve your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Elevates your serotonin and neutrophine levels (better mood and sense of well being).
  • Builds bone density and fights osteoporosis.Increase your basal metabolic rate, helping to burn fat.
  • Reduces your back and joint pain.
  • Decrease blood pressure and cortisol levels.
  • Decrease your recovery time after workouts.
  • Dramatically increase your flexibility.
  • Heighten your sense of balance and improve coordination.
  • "Vibration Exercise.... A ton of celebrities and models - such as Madonna, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Heidi Klum - have been linked to it."

  • Solid Steel construction (not plastic like the others) provides a solid and quiet operation!
  • Compact - Only 24 x 28 inches at base, it will fit anywhere.
  • Easy operation - simple controls, 20 manual settings and three automatic settings.
  • Proper vibration motion with up/down oscillating movement - other machines do not!
  • Powerful 1.5 horse power motor with full frequency range 10 - 50 Hz !
  • Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, get the original ZENON Crazy Fit Massager

  • Assembly / Installation :The product is shipped in disassembled state. Installation & assembly of the machine is NOT included in the Offer. The User Manual with Assembly & Installation Instructions are sent with the product. However, customers also have the option of booking the installation service (available at limited pin codes) at an extra cost by placing a request at our customer care.
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