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Zenon Acupressure Mat ZN-ACU102


Acupressure Mat Ideal for all age group.


Acupressure + Magnets + Power of Pyramid:

Our newly designed acupressure pad has pressure points + bio magnets along with secret power of pyramids that can help you to heal and control pain.

What is Acupressure ?

Acupressure is an ancient chinese science, Chinese believe there is energy flowing through entire universe, they called in “Chi” These energy flows through our body along 12 main energy channels called meridians. These meridians are associated with specific organ or part of the body, for any reason energy flow is blocked ( reasons are injury, emotional stress or imbalanced life style ) we trend to develop physical ailments as well as symptoms of depression and moodiness, pressure on the correct vital points will stimulate energy flow and free the blockage unlocking tension and restoring good health.

What does Magnet do ?

Magnet therapy is age old practice of curing and controlling pain, Omni present magnetic force is remarkably used in modern medicine of diagnosis and treatment, bio magnet also improves metabolic activity of each cell, blood circulation, bio energy flow and blood oxygen levels, it also helps to rejuvenation of cells, tissue, glands and nerves. It relives from aches pain and makes you free from disease , depression and relives tension.

Why we have added Pyramid ?

Secret power of pyramids can help you to heal quicker these is an old ancient technique used by Egyptians, Healing field of Pyramid takes you to enhance alpha state of mind, thereby life transforming energy flow brings vibrant health.

How to use this ?

  • Stand on the AcuMat.
  • Start spot Walking on it by lifting you feet one by one slowly.
  • Duration about 3 to 5 minutes twice a day.
  • If you skin is tender place a thin cloth on the mat before you start walking.
  • Ideal for all age group.
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