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Silicone Shoe Cover



The pair of reusables, elastic silicon covers to protect your shoes from the elements, keep your shoes clean, suitable for all seasons. - The shoe cover will well protect your shoe from wetting in the rainy day, it will well prevent your shoes from damage as well when you go across the thorny bush. The shoe cover is easy to clear up, its space is small, so easy to carry as well. - Can be widely used in various occasions, can effectively prevent your love shoes from soil, rain and snow, such as dirty and wet; Especially suitable for rain and snow weather or other outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, fishing, etc., this product can keep your shoes in a clean state! - Ultra elastic silicone can be adjusted to your shoe size, easy to put on and take off. Non-slip Pattern Bottom increases the friction with the ground, durable and safe to use. - Lightweight & foldable design, space-saving, perfect stored in your backpack or hand bag. As integrated molding shoes cover, it's seamless and offers perfect waterproof function, easy to clean, reusable. - Perfect for All Outdoor Activities, such as camping, travel, road trips, vacations in rainy/snow days. Protect shoes from mud, rain, snow, slush, keep your shoes clean in four seasons to use.

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