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Graphic Drawing Tablet with Battery-Free Stylus is the graphic tablet/e-slate for all age groups. This tablet is suitable for every mood of yours. You can draw, write memos, writes to-do list, write your thoughts and do anything you want. The precision of stylus, and high sensitive pressure touch makes it suitable for every age groups from kids to adults and for every person be it professional or am artist. This ruff pad comes with two magnets at the back that works as fridge magnet and you can put your to-do list on the fridge. This product is miraculously slim, highly durable and gives a long-lasting performance. It is the best gift for every age group from children to little kids to students to adults. Everyone can enjoy the fun from this graphic tablet. The built-in button battery is long-lasting and can work for over a year and then can be easily replaced with a new one.
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